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Sponsor a Child for Christmas | $50


Join us in our Jack & Juni Sponsor a Child for Christmas Event!

Christmas is a magical time of year for kids! Though it isn’t about presents, it certainly is joyous to watch kids open gifts on Christmas morning. Sadly that is a struggle, a fear and an overwhelming responsibility for a lot of parents right now.

Here at Jack & Juni we believe in helping fellow moms in need. When our shop is busier we can give more! Just by shopping for yourself and your kids you are simultaneously helping fellow moms in your community behind the scenes because 5% of sales are being automatically deposited into our Mama Fund as long as our hard business cost needs are met (i.e rent, electric, etc) — PLUS if you have items to donate to our Mama Pantry we are accepting Donations!

We are honored to launch our “Sponsor a Child” for Christmas! Our goal is to sponsor 8-12 children this year and to do that we need $1,000! Our Mama Fund received an infusion of funds from our first open house on November 26th so we are off to a great start!!

This event runs from November 27th – December 18th. Our next open house is on the 17th will finish out our Mama Fund collection and we can shop for toys, wrap the gifts for the kids and schedule pick ups / drop offs for the parents! Any amount purchased through this sponsorship page directly will be used towards the SPONSOR A CHILD FOR CHRISTMAS event. Being a mama is tough and sometimes we all need a little help getting by! 

Whether you can give a $1 or $100 or an amount between EVERY dollar counts! Plus — if you are not able to donate directly, but need something for your kiddo such as clothing or baby gear consider purchasing through Jack & Juni because your purchase alone helps fund our giveback opportunities!

Thank you for being here with us at Jack & Juni!

CLICK HERE to Nominate a Mama in Need for Christmas Sponsorship! — PLEASE DO NOT DOUBLE UP ON SERVICES (such as if this mama already has a Toys for Tots or other program offered to her please leave this program open to mamas without other assistance opportunities so we can share the love). 

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