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Freddie Frog Warm Pal


  • MICROWAVABLE STUFFED ANIMAL: Warm Pals are irresistibly cute stuffed animals for comfort. Warm them up for 60-90 seconds, providing relaxation as baby toys, infant toys, & toddler companions.
  • COOLABLE: Warm Pals are coolable for hot moments. Just pop our soft plush in the freezer for an instant cooling pad. The cooling effect makes these cute plushies one of the top baby must haves!
  • CALMING LAVENDER SCENT: Our adorable Warm Pals plushie stuffed animals provide calming French lavender scent. Relax with a gentle hug & soft snuggles.
  • GRAIN-FILLED WEIGHT: Warm Pals are made with our all natural grain-filled material. Designed for a hug-like feeling, the grain-filled weight feature provides comforting pressure stimulation.
  • SOFT & COZY COMPANION: Warm Pals are the ultimate soft stuffed animals. These plush toys are loved by babies, toddlers, & youth alike, providing a cozy & comforting presence.

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