Ceres Chill: Demigoddess Mini Chiller (Two Colors)


The Chiller you all love, in a smaller 16-ounce size 😎 The Starry Night shimmering black Demi fits perfectly into most bags AND even the smallest of cup holders!

Pump directly into the chiller—no need for a fridge or bulky ice packs and plastic bottles. It’s elegant and discreet enough to take with you absolutely anywhere.

-20+ hours of safe chilling for 12 ounces

-Compatible with all major breast pumps

-Easy to use and transport

-All Chiller parts are interchangeable

– use your OG Chiller or Demigoddess parts with either Chiller!

-Stores 6-16 ounces in total

-Reduces risk of contamination

-Inner chamber and plastic parts are dishwasher-safe

-Travel friendly: TSA loves it!

Keep it for a lifetime: It’s great for keeping infused beverages, wine, and any other drink cool or hot for hours wherever you go. Chiller includes inner chamber with cap, outer body with lid, and a versatile connecting collar with bottle and pump threads to connect your pump.

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Ceres Chill: Demigoddess Mini Chiller (Two Colors)
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